Look ma, no brackets!

keyboard of the first HP-35 with a big enter button, and no brackets
Original: David G. Hicks

New Laconi.ca release

I was barely awake after a long night sleeping away most of my head cold, when Evan announced identi.ca was going down for a server update. When it came back, he mentioned people tagging and I immediately went to explore: just last week I had been wishing I could apply labels to my contacts to sort them into groups — and now I could? …


In-between all that someone mentioned he didn't like his new calculator with so many extra functions: he'd rather use his PC for the more complicated calculations. Which sent me right down memory lane, and I remarked:

I remember when a good calculator *was* a "PC". I was referring to the HP scientific calculators I worked with before PCs even existed. ;) I loved RPN.

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