Upgrading fun (well…)

comparing adminhandler versions side-by-sideWhen I selected Habari as a blogging platform, I knew I was in for an occasional rocky ride, with the software at version 0.5 and under very active development. Today I had planned to continue working on building my first plugin but instead my day turned out pretty rocky as once again I had to upgrade to the latest revision to get rid of a problem while a DDoS attack got in the way as well. But instead of growing my own plugin I learned a thing or two, so it still ended up being a good (though not very productive) day.

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Amazing this feels so good!

my new mouseIt seems I wear out mice. While I use keyboard and mouse in combination, I still spend a lot of time behind my computer and that amounts to a lot of clicks. And both keyboards and mice are part-mechanical things — which can wear out before any of the electronics do.

Yesterday my mouse was acting strange. Sometimes a click just didn't register.

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