Habari: first plugin and theme adventures

Twitter plugin showing my latest (last) tweetHaving seen enough of Habari and experienced its helpful community, I've decided to dive in a little deeper. It had become clear already that the latest stable 0.5.2 release was too limiting as many of the available plugins already depend on features only available in 0.6-alpha, so I upgraded to that.

The first plugin I really wanted to look at was the Twitter plugin, not so much because I'm active on Twitter (I have an account but I'm no longer active) but because I wanted to explore how to adapt it to work with the FLOSS laconi.ca microblogging software which powers identi.ca

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This site is running Habari, a state-of-the-art publishing platform, still officially beta, but nevertheless quite usable. Habari is a community-driven project created and supported by people from all over the world.

So far it's an experiment, I may try out other Open Source blogging software as well.

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