It's better with Windows? Here's why *not*!

An open letter to Asus

Dear Asus,

Having been on vacation for 5 weeks — with my Eee PC —, I only just became aware of your new site It's Better With Windows, and the fact that you no longer sell netbooks with Linux. Unfortunately, you have not provided a way for your customers and potential customers to comment on this site, so I'm left with less-efficient means to publicly let you know what I'm thinking about this move. In short: You're making a big mistake! Here's why.

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Because Freedom Matters

While on vacation in Iran, I met a group of Open Source developers and users in Mashhad, and discussed the situation of Free, Open Source Software in Iran with them. Free software is not as free there as it is in most other parts of the world - through no fault of their own. Read on about how OSS happens anyway in Iran. ...

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Baby steps: starting with jQuery - part 2

Implementing jQuery

Now that I've decided to use jQuery for my little task of breaking out of a framing site and telling the visitor why without an annoying alert, the first job is to make jQuery available for use. That's simple, but you still have choices - each with pros and cons. … Once I had jQuery installed properly on my server, I needed a little code to test whether I had a functional jQuery setup. While writing that, I had my first encounter with asynchronicity in JavaScript! …

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Baby steps: starting with jQuery - part 1

I'm not exactly a stranger to JavaScript but I haven't used it much lately. Mostly, that's because my main use has always been writing (Windows) system utilities and application scripting (often in combination), and I with my current focus totally on the web just don't do that any more. But now I suddenly have a job for it, and (current best practice) it should of course be done totally unobtrusively, by merely linking to some JavaScript files from the head element, and no further changes to any of the existing HTML: the body stays untouched. Just the thing for jQuery, in other words. Time to dust off my jQuery bookmarks, find some examples, and get my hands dirty. …

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Madame Curie

Marie CurieWhen I was 10 years old, I decided I wanted to be a biologist. In fact, I remember the moment I took that decision; I was quite sure. (It never came to be, but that's another story.) Almost immediately, I became quite the biology nerd: I carried around insect and bird guides in my school bag, so that when I saw an interesting critter I didn't recognize, I could look it up. From the moment I had learned to read, I gobbled up books faster than my parents could buy them for me (or afford) so I'd been a member of the youth library for quite some time. It had a few shelves with books about science and I started to read these, too: books about biology, of course, but also physics and chemistry, and I started to realize how they were related (to the extent a 10-12 year old mind can grasp such things). I still remember a few of the science books I read during those years. One that made a lasting impression was a book about Marie Curie. …

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